Advanced Mp3 Player Infusion For PHP Fusion v7

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Advanced Mp3 Player Panel
Version 2.1
For PHP-Fusion 7.x
Author - Arda Kilicdagi (SoulSmasher)
Web -,
JW FLV Media Player 4.5.203 ( with edited simple skin to show files correctly
JQuery Uploadify Plugin 1.62 ( (with some upload.php and javascript edits)
JQuery iColorPicker with many edits (
* English
* Turkish
* Danish (Thanks Helmuth!)
* German (Thanks gozoc!)
* Ajax File Upload : Within this feature you can upload mp3 files without needing to refresh the page, also you can multi upload during this process. If javascript is disabled, old standart upload form with submit button will be shown for mp3 files.
* These installed local mp3 files can be deleted from administration
* From admin interface, player's all colors, width, height, maximum filesize, player mode can be set. So you can alter it for both left and center side panels and colorize like any style you want
* Remote mp3 files can be added, deleted and edited.
* Mp3 player playlist is updated automatically, so you don't need to worry about generating/updating the playlist xml file
* You can set player mode which allows to show it inside panel or makes a button to open it seperately on a popup window
* Adjustable advanced visualization effect on playback
* Skin support
* advanced error controls are done on each process
* Upload everything in files directory to your root folder
* Chmod the folder /infusions/mp3player_panel/songs/ folder to 777
* Go to Admin panel/System administration/Infusions and infuse Mp3 Player
* Go to Admin panel/System administration/Panels and add mp3player_panel to anywhere you like
* Go to Admin panel/Infusions/Mp3 Player
* You can alter all settings, upload and delete local and remote mp3 files
* Enjoy!
-From 2.0
*Go to Admin panel/System administration/Infusions and infuse Mp3 Player. It' and download any skin that you like
* Extract the zipped skin archive and upload skin swf file to infusions/mp3player_panel/skins
* Select your new uploaded skin from mp3 player admin interface
Note: Visualization effect didn't work for me for remote mp3 files, may work for you though 
2.1 - A tiny bug is fixed in playlist.php
	  German translation added  (Thanks gozoc! :))
	  JW FLV Media Player updated to 4.5.203 
2.0 - Visualisation and skinning support added
	  Some Bugfixes
	  Danish translation added (Thanks Helmuth:))
1.1 - Playlist Behaviour And Shuffle Mode Added
1.0 - Initial Release
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