How to create a HTML link which forces MS Word to edit document on webdav server

As far as I recollect, the only method to attain this is actually to clearly instantiate Word via ActiveX, and also the elapsed it the LINK to open.

The variation coming from the above responses is actually that this would certainly no more need ActiveX and also it will certainly function at the very least in IE 8+, Chrome and also Firefox, provided that it levels coming from a Windows device, for Office 2010+ (not 100% certain about this one though).

I am actually using a personalized WebDAV application (java servlet located). This seems mostly operating effectively – except Microsoft Word performs certainly not mention that secured document is actually secured to a user. Therefore the consumer has the capacity to modify the document until the aspect they make an effort to wait, at which direct the consumer is greeted along with an antagonistic “Upload Failed” notification within Microsoft Word.

Allow’s expect that I have WebDAV-enabled server, where I have ton of Office documents. I want to create website which possesses link to document such that clicking on the link will definitely open Microsoft Word. Word will certainly subsequently download document from WebDAV web server, and when customer finishes editing and enhancing document, MS Word will upload it back.

When I began to play with it, it turned out that IE does really opening up document straight coming from WebDAV. It appears like if IE downloaded and install the page, passed it to MS Word, yet in addition to LINK. MS Word can then save report back (effectively, sometimes it views the report as read-only, and also doesn’t allow to save back, but makes it possible for to submit under various name).

part performs.

This may be done inside the HTML page (in which it’ll need IE), or even using an external application that after that will require to be enrolled for a brand new comedian type (see for an example).

I recognize that MS Word (and also other Office plans) sustain editing and enhancing of documents stored on WebDAV hosting server. What I don’t recognize, is how to produce link which will definitely activate MS Word to install this document through on its own.

The main purposes of my inquiry are to find if I may modify the WebDAV actions so as to perform several of the following:

The document is secured through one more customer, so should the Lock-Token reaction header be current? The instance in Factor 1 is actually for a prosperous lock request, the example I provided is actually wanted to become not successful as the document is actually secured. I assume this adjustments points.

I added the fiddler as well as analyzed the demand and action trail, reviewing details with the specs for WebDAV. I’m a little bit of unclear where to appear next, so help from any type of WebDAV pros is actually really appreciated!

Get Microsoft Word to show the individual a notification to claim the document is currently secured.
To force Microsoft Word to open up the document in a read-only state if there is a lock found.

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