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Complication along with the below solution is actually that the positioning doesn’t function as I would certainly expect (top-left warranted) if the pages are actually various sizes. I needed to add a text message watermark to the top of every page in a PDF document, and the above remedy was precisely what I needed, therefore slamming this solution up.

Just how can I put an image over an existing PDF data at a specific coordinate area. The pdf stands for a taking piece along with one page. The image is going to be actually scaled.

I would love to understand if it is actually possible to wartermark PDF document with C# library

You need to see to it you match the amount of pages in both document. Typically, you would certainly find yourself with a document along with number of pages matching the one which possesses least amount of pages. You can easily manipulate the watermark document as well as duplicate the pages to match your document.

I am attempting to incorporate a watermark to a PDF especially along with PDFBox. I have actually been actually capable to receive the image to seem on each page, yet it loses the history openness considering that it looks like though PDJpeg changes it to a JPG. Maybe there is actually a means to do it utilizing PDXObjectImage.

A lot of C# .NET libraries that can easily make watermarks are probably composed in complete C# or VB.NET, so you could create that performance your own self.

Just about? There may not be (to my know-how; feel free to appropriate me if I am actually inappropriate) any core collections that would certainly allow you to manage PDFs in such a technique, so you could possibly either place a bunch of infiltrate primarily copying part of iTexts performance or simply use a library.

I incorporated ReportLab ( and also pyPDF ( to insert an image straight without needing to generate the PDF up front

If you are actually making use of PDFBox 1.8.10 or even above, you can easily incorporate watermark to your PDF document quickly with better management over what web pages needs to become watermarked. Supposing you possess a one page PDF document that possesses the watermark image, you may overlay this on the document you prefer to watermark as complies with.

I dealt with to accomplish that with iText, however i wish to do watermarks in pure C#.

I prefer to use this in an industrial software program, posting resource code of this delicate is actually impossible. I preferred to recognize to avoid the office licence of itext for my customer.

Developing a watermark in PDFBox is actually truly straightforward. The secret is actually, you need to have an unfilled PDF document with the watermark image. Thus all you must do is actually Overlay this watermark document on the document that you wish to include the watermark to.

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